The act of immediate shits after the use of crack or cocaine.
Dude, the crits hit me after that bump.
by Psquirt June 15, 2013
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An abbreviation for 'critical hit', a term used in dice-based role playing games which indicates the best possible damage result in combat.
"I rolled a crit with my battleaxe, and did double damage on the ogre chieftan."
by Grimrider November 25, 2002
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I just critted with my broadsword!

Undead can't be critted, duh.
by ChibiDan March 20, 2005
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v. To partake in a group discussion/analysis of any body of original work, in particular art or literature.

v. To give criticism.
n. A group meeting whose purpose is analysis and discussion, in the hopes of providing feedback on your work.

n. An analysis of your work that can either be positive (read: ego builder) or negative (read: soul crushing) depending on the ideas or views of the critics.(Usually occurs after a milestone in a project and with an audience of peers.)

-The teacher announced that we would be critting at 8am sharp tomorrow morning, and that everyone's participation was mandatory.

-I will be critting at the final show on Monday afternoon.

-Mark presented his project at the crit.

-"I got the best crit of my work!" Julia exclaimed.
by UcritMe October 24, 2007
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When a pokemon lands a "critcal hit". ussually sends the pokemon's master into a state of sexual ecstasy
"My Typhlosion get a Crit" Oooooh Crit!!!!!!!!!! *ejaculate in pants*-crazyetack
by Crazyetack May 18, 2010
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a person who is jacked, athletic, and get pussy on the regular
The quarterback is such a crit. I wish i could be like him.
by roblerto May 16, 2011
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