To be able to think outside of the box. To understand both sides of the arguement fully iregardless of which side your arguing from, to give you a full perspective of the whole dispute hence enabling inteligent thinking. To be able to think for your self without the influence of anything. To be able to make decisions and form your own opinions without any influence form anything else. Thinking for your self and realising when you are wrong and when you are right.

Having a clear understanding of the main attributes for critical thinking as stated above are the main attributes for critical thinking.
Person 1: How do you know your religion is true and that there is a God?

Person 2 (a critical thinking reply): I believe because i was brought up to believe what i believe and i have respect for what i beleive in and my religion, on the other hand i understand where your coming from and i value ur opinion and question, what are your ideas and philosies of a greater being ?

Person 1: How can u belive in God when u cant see him or anything ?

Person 2: it is what i choose to believe in just like you choose not believe but i value and respect your opinion on the subject .

as you can see person 2 was open to criticism about believing in God and he replied understanding the other persons arguement and had respect for it. To be able to think critically you have to respect your fellow human beings opinions and thought process in order to understand him/her properly.
by Akcevre81 August 31, 2009
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The WORST and most POINTLESS subject it could ever be your misfortune to be forced to take as a qualification at college.

Teaches you how to be an argumentative, big-headed fool in life. (and possibly debates)
Teacher; "Now then, let's pop on with some Critical Thinking! Slippery slope, yayayay!"

Class; -groans in utter dismay and boredom-

"I made a Critical Thinking Joke the other day."

"You sad, sad, sad person."
by SillySomeone February 15, 2009
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A term that's often mixed up with contrarianism, unfortunately. This can lead to people supporting evil beliefs and values just to look like a "critical thinker" when they are in fact no closer to a critical thinker than someone who blindly follows popular belief.
"critical thinker": In my humble opinion and contrary to the boring beliefs of the NPCs surrounding me, I think that rape, torture, murder, and genocide are morally right and the age of consent should be abolished

Normal Person: No you stupid son of a bitch blindly going against popular belief isn't critical thinking. You're just as NPC-ish as the people you call NPCs. Contrarianism ≠ Critical Thinking
by Silicosis9324 July 14, 2023
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Something Dogecoiners naturally and precociously lack.
Person 1: I am planning on investing all my life savings on a meme coin that is centralized, has no solid stable backing, is non turing complete, techless, unoriginal, forked from an existing project, energy consuming but is a funny meme instead of actually original, innovative and efficient cryptocurrencies.

Person 2: The things you described don't sound good... Try to engage your critical thinking for once.

Person 1: Of course not you silly... I am a Dogecoiner!
by ThomasAAnderson June 21, 2021
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The act of blindly agreeing with anything told to you by a college professor or other "intellectual". Special care must always be taken to avoid validating critical thinking with erroneous details such as empirical facts; hear-say and conspiracy theories are always far more useful. See also "group think".
Susan was shunned by her classmates, and later flogged, for questioning the critical thinking of Michael Moore.
by Colin the Damaja May 27, 2004
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The ability to to determine the man who wants to kill you, and that man that will kill you, based on the actions he takes, and the size of his magnum.
by Bob Thomas August 21, 2003
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Standard excuse conspiracy theorists to deny a poltical or global situation. Ironically they call other people sheeple, when they blindly follow a random person on YouTube and receives all his information from his YouTube channel full of unsubstantiated claims rather than researching on scientific research.
"I'm going to stay at home and protect Mt friends and family from Coronavirus"

"Why? Coronavirus has a 99% survival rate; do some critical thinking.

"It's not just about the people who passed due to the virus, but it's also about the people who received complications subsequent to contracting the virus. It's like POTS Syndrome symptoms, only 10 times worse. Some people have even been paralysed or lost the ability to walk efficiently, thus having to use crutches or a wheelchair".

"Shut up you dumb sheeple"
by Rotten Turkey April 17, 2021
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