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The culture started on the Internet of making fun of people and/or insulting them by calling them "cringy" or "cringe" for doing something which doesn't harm or somehow insult anyone nor anything.

(The bad kind of)Edgy 13-year-olds calling people cringy (their holy grail of insults) because of something they enjoy. They got the word "cringy" from LeafyisHere and often use it to feel better about themselves since most of them have crippling depression because of their lack of emotional development or some other insecurity.
I'm so tired of seeing cringe culture on my dash.

Nigga, just let people do what makes them happy; cringe culture's dead.
by Edgy and Extra April 14, 2018
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A bunch of internet trolls who hate on fandoms (for example FNAF, Undertale, BATIM, Cuphead, etc.) solely because of the rule 34, fangirls/fanboys, ships, etc. They also create horrible and mostly innacurate stereotypes of people in the fandom.

"The people who really ruin FNAF is cringe culture."
by temonymous June 03, 2018
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A system set to keep fandoms in check. Once something's fallen in, all hope is lost.
"Hey, should i watch this show? I heard it's good."

"No way man, don't you know about the fandom!? Cringe Culture at it's finest."
by actualpalindrome April 22, 2018
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