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Cringe culture is a community of people making fun of others for their interests. Most targeted communities are: furries, cosplayers, weebs, emos but there are many more. However, these communities fight back with the quote "CRINGE CULTURE IS DEAD RAWR X3" (I mean, they are not wrong or anything so have fun doing what you like if you aren't hurting anyone! :3).
Person 1: see Emma right there? She's a furry. Isn't that cringey?
Person 2: woah you must really be into cringe culture
by Carpic August 24, 2019
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Vsco gir: a girl which considers herself " vsco ". Most VSCO girls use phases like " SKSKSKS " or " SAVE THE TURTLES! ". VSCO is actually an app but some people consider it a style. Vsco style is actually basic with a few sprinkles
Person1: *says a joke*
Person1: she is surely a VSCO Girl
by Carpic August 24, 2019
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If someone uses this, they might be a furry. It’s used when they are intrested, they see something lewd
*notices your bulge* OwO what’s this?
by Carpic November 2, 2018
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Levitation means when someone is floating. For example, a balloon.
Levitation is impossible. Only balloons can do that!
by Carpic November 2, 2018
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Yiff is when two furries have sex with eachother
by Carpic August 24, 2019
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