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The other definitions here are correct, but there is another usage. Tfb is also short for "tickle fetish blog", a community on tumblr where people post or reblog posts about tickling. People in the tfb community do not necessarily have a fetish for tickling or being tickled, but could just enjoy it more than the average person.
Like most tumblr communities, the tfb community is 49.5% wholesome people, 49.5% kinky people, and 1% creeps.
by Edgy and Extra August 24, 2020
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An insulting (but hilarious) nickname for the teen Musical.ly star Jacob Sartorius.
Dudebro: Omg look at this video of Jacob Soreclitorus; he's so cringey.
Another Dudebro: Leave him alone, man; he's like 15 and cringe/cringe culture is dead anyway.
by Edgy and Extra March 27, 2018
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The culture started on the Internet of making fun of people and/or insulting them by calling them "cringy" or "cringe" for doing something which doesn't harm or somehow insult anyone nor anything.

(The bad kind of)Edgy 13-year-olds calling people cringy (their holy grail of insults) because of something they enjoy. They got the word "cringy" from LeafyisHere and often use it to feel better about themselves since most of them have crippling depression because of their lack of emotional development or some other insecurity.
I'm so tired of seeing cringe culture on my dash.

Nigga, just let people do what makes them happy; cringe culture's dead.
by Edgy and Extra March 27, 2018
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