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cringe culture is people making fun of others, simply for their preferences. i want to let all of you twits know that cringe culture IS dead, and you shouldnt be making fun of people who are just doing what they enjoy doing <3 people usually hate on people who do gacha, or are furries. you use "uwu" or "owo"? thats honestly so adorable. you do gacha? id love to draw one of your characters. youre a furry? i admire your work and the effort you put into making that suit. you guys are idiots for making fun of people for what they love.
ben: ew, you do gacha?
laura: yeah, what about it?
ben: gacha's gay
laura: using "gay" as an insult is stupid and TERRIBLY offensive to the LGBTQ+ community, first of all. second of all, darling, i can do whatever the absolute fuck i want :), and third of all, cringe culture died while ago. so move your donkey ass along, and go bitch about something else, okay? bye love <3
by toekage August 15, 2020
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the band, queen, consists of four members. the lead vocalist being freddie mercury, also known as farrokh bulsara. next, we have the guitarist brian harold may. next, we have the bassist john richard deacon, next, we have roger meddows taylor. last, but not least, we have the NEW lead vocalist adam mitchel lambert. queen is one of the most legendary rock bands ever. but, they had something different than other rock bands. they covered a variety of genres of music, and so beautifully. theres very upbeat songs, such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Another One Bites The Dust, The Miracle, the list goes on. theres sadder songs, like Teo Torriatte, Bohemian Rhapsody, '39, those all have really sad meanings behind them, and, again, the list goes on. theres some really popular songs that most of you will know if you have good taste in music, like Don't Stop Me Now, We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle Race, You're My best Friend, I Want To Break Free, Another One Bites The Dust, Under Pressure, It's A Kind Of Magic, Friends Will Be Friends, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You, and Killer Queen. the list goes WAAAAAAY on. then, there's my personal favourite. Fat Bottomed Girls. i've been a queen fan my entire life, and fat bottomed girls was the first song i listened to by them. i was three years old. funny, right?
lee: have you heard of the band queen ?
danny: no, i havent.
lee: you should listen to one of their songs, maybe try Keep Yourself Alive!
danny: okay..?

the next day:

danny: dude, how could you like this stuff? its actually really fuckin horrible. the lead singer's teeth are all weird, and the guy with the lion hair is ugly.
lee: mama, just killed a man..

what im trying to say here is, never make fun of older music if all you listen to is rap and today's music. TODAY'S music is horrible, its literally just the same beats made on the computer.
by toekage June 15, 2020
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