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A small ass white town that isnt legally a town. Kids go to get fucked up in crestwood.
by Dentyheadd April 09, 2017
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A neighborhood in Yonkers, New York. Thought of by Yonkersites as being its own "stuck-up town", Crestwood chooses not to identify with the rest of Yonkers. It is entirely residential, middle to upper-middle class, and to compound their sense of being separate from Yonkers, it shares a zip code (10707) with the neighboring town of Tuckahoe.
Crestwood is the northeasternmost section of Yonkers, bound by the Yonkers city line and by Scarsdale Road, Crisfield Street, and Central Avenue. (plus maybe a couple of blocks over those boundaries.)
by YO Man July 07, 2004
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A town that is technically sitauted in Yonkers. This is a fact that most people in the town will never let you live down. EVER. When in actuallity, the "town" section of it, or where stores are located, are in Eastchester and Tuckahoe. Most of the uper-middle class Irish kids think they are hard because they technically are part of Yonkers. Meanwhile, they aer comforted in their extremley lavish homes but still can't help but yell thinkgs like "C-WOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!" To some it up simply, the train station is refered to as Crestwood/Eastchester when arriving at the platform.
Irish Kid 1: We are soooooo hard cuz like Mary J. Blige and DMX grew up in our town! What do you have, bitch?

Intelligent Person: Actually, they did not. They grew up in Yonkers. You grow up in Crestwood, secluded from all other towns. You don't even belong to anything.
by notcrestwoodgay June 26, 2009
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