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A small town holding the distinction of the southernmost incorporated city in Maryland. Once the second-largest city in Maryland. Once called "the seafood capital of the world" until overfishing killed the industry. Once known for oyster production until over-oystering killed that industry. Afterwards known as "The Crab Capital of the World", until over-crabbing killed that industry. The town now gradually sinks into the Chesapeake Bay unknown.

Crisfield of today is distinguished by its lack of proximity to anything, its high ratio of churches to solvent businesses, its shunning of non-natives, and cruises to Smith Island and Tangier Island. Crisfield's primary imports are cocaine, floodwater, drifters, and welfare checks. Crisfield's primary exports are paintbrushes and bankruptcy.
How do you make a small fortune in Crisfield? Come with a large one.
by xfield xpat June 25, 2012
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