Creepy crawlies is feeling like you have bugs crawling all over you.
by -Chloe- January 15, 2020
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A phrase given to a pedophile that falls out of his wheelchair
Timmy was at the pool and a man asked him to help him back into the wheelchair and he was only wearing a Speedo, those creepy crawlies I tell you what.
by Chad was here November 28, 2017
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The act of deficating into a pool filter. This, of course, is generally not done to one's own pool filter.
We had a party at the Stig's place the other night and I needed to extrude a length real bad. I was too pissed to climb the stairs so I left him a creepy crawly.
by Art Farkis December 20, 2006
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Patton from Sander Sides refers to the spiders on the curtains in Virgil's room as 'creepy crawly death dealers.'
Person A: Look at those curtains!
Person B: They're covered in creepy crawly death dealers!
by purplecapricorn May 5, 2019
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Genitals that are overrun with pubic lice.
Horny Guy: "Dude, I bet you $20 I can fuck that girl by tomorrow"
Horny Guy's Friend: "I hear she comes with the creepy crawly crabs package, you sure you wanna tap that?"
by thebadwrench January 24, 2018
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Used in conjunction with "cunt cake" to describe a disgusting std ridden vagina that contains pubic lice
Dude: Man, that girl is so fine
Dude's friend: Trust me bro, you don't want that cunt cake... it comes with the creepy crawly crabs package
by thebadwrench December 20, 2017
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