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In skateboarding, it is when the board lands 90 degress between your legs and you land on top of it. Like a giant credit card between your legs.
Little Bob: oooooo.. credit carded.
by Robatedave July 27, 2008
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means almost got yo nuts blasted. comonly used for skateboarders.
bro I almost got creditcarded when i was board sliding that hand rail.
by RCWEEZY October 20, 2006
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When you're skating and the deck flips up in between your legs in between your taint and balls and you land on top of it
Tony was trying to land his grind but the board credit carded him I honestly don't know how he can stand after that
by redfiredrummer June 06, 2020
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The extremely painful act of running a credit card between a guys balls.
Rick: Whoa, she must be pissed!
Jeff: Yeah man, she was so mad i thought she might credit card me!
Rick: thank god she didn't. I hear getting credit carded hurts like a bitch!
by pleasedont July 14, 2009
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