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The guy who suddenly made it cool to be a geek.
Hey, be more like Seth Cohen and then we can date.
by Brooke February 15, 2005

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A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior.
"Mr knightly opened the door for Emma to pass through first, so that she would not simply walk into it."
by brooke March 20, 2005

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the most fucking awesome instrument on the planet!!!!!
He played a symphony about llamas on hi kazoo.
by Brooke February 28, 2005

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An evil piece of plastic.
I'm homeless and I haven't eaten in eight days, but I think if I send in that Visa credit card application, I'll probably get approved!!!
by Brooke February 19, 2005

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Kurt Cobain, The lead singer of Nirvana. Kurts music changed the music industry in a way that is still evident today. He influences so many people with his amazing music and lyrics. The world was blessed with his talent and presence until april 5th, 1994, when he supposedly committed suicide. now i could ramble on for hours on all of the evidence that makes it CLEAR that he didnt committ suicide but ill just skip that and say that kurts true fans already know all of that and know in their hearts that he didnt kill himself but was killed by courtney love. nobody is ever going to forget Kurt. his music will keep him alive as it touches people each and every day. The world was a better place when you were with us, Kurt. RIP.
Nirvana- the greatest grunge/rock band of all time
by Brooke April 17, 2005

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beautiful little frances bean cobain. the daughter of an astounding rock artist, icon, and legend kurt cobain...also daughter of cheap trashy tramp courtney love. somebody save her from that insane bitch or she'll kill frances too!
I love you Kurt Cobain! RIP!
by Brooke April 17, 2005

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1.Wacker than the regular type.
2. Not describing What's her face.
"Y'all are so wack."
"Wiggidy wack?"
"No, just regular type"
by Brooke July 09, 2004

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