Adj, a word used to desribe anything that can be described in a good or phenominal way.

or and Interjection used as a good exclamation
"I just made an A!" "Creamy!"

That concert was so creamy!

Creamy baige! I just won!
by Jwork October 14, 2010
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cool, tight, sweet, sick, ill
Dude did you see that UFC fight last night brah, it was creamy as hell. Randy Couture is the creamiest fighter there is.
by Agent Zer0 October 23, 2009
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Compliment created by onision, in his own words-'it means when you look at a guy and you cream your underwear'
Onision:" Gerard way is creamy"
Viewer: *awkwardly* " uhm...sure, he's hot"
by Orbeezlovingbanana February 17, 2017
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feeling like your melting
or the feeling of wanting to melt
feeling soo good that you dont wanna move
you just wanna dance to get to places
i was thizzen so hard in my class i was creamyn all over the room

i was creamin all down the halls to dubee A.K.A sugawolf
by doopedy February 6, 2009
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when a female is leakin
Yeah I was gamin that bitch up, had her creamy thinkin bout the pipe
by face April 30, 2003
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a word describing something.

basically it's like 'sexy', but 7 levels above it.
That guy at the mall was so creamy.

He looks so creamy.
by Sausageface October 10, 2009
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