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Related to something good. When someone cums, it's creamy, and an orgasm is good. Real Good.
Bitch 1: Yo did you hear A-Dubz is outta jail?

Bitch 2: Creamin!

ex. 2
I was creamin all weekend cause shortie's parents weren't home.
by Shrrn and K-Unit July 01, 2005
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To be creamin is to be raging, or otherwise upset.
Bro, it's just 2K, why you gotta be creamin?
by TwentyFours January 19, 2012
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The act of female masturbation until she has a creampie or is you know, creamin.
“Oh I’m just chilling, creamin. Hby?”
by Raygoon June 29, 2018
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