When a man cums in a womans pussy then eats her out.
After John blew his load into Carol he was in the mood for some Clam Chowder.
by Efetuals February 26, 2008
After a long night of fuck-making sometimes the female may sit on the toilet the next morning and discover an oozing discharge of sperm and other fluids from her vagina.
the texture, smell, and taste is similar to that of chunky clam chowder.
Becky totally got railed by 4 guys last night, and this morning it looked like a cauldron bubbling over full of clam chowder!!!
by uh-ryan November 4, 2009
The act of a man giving a girl a cream pie and then having her queef it on to his chest or face
Jim thought it would be funny to give Brittani a cream pie, Jim didn't think it was funny when she gave him clam chowder all over his chest.
by Jimbob23 July 1, 2009
When a male projectile vomits into a woman's vagina, and said woman then proceeds to close her legs. Thus, creating a clam chowder.
He refused to have sex with his girlfriend after he unleashed the clam chowder into her vagina.
by Big2nuh May 27, 2010
When a female sends you a picture of their vagina and they have crust white chunks all over her pussy.
" Dude this girl just sexted me giving me a serve of Clam Chowder. "
by sexy_boiiiiii January 17, 2010
The act of vomiting into a vagina immediately prior to performing the act of cunnilingus. (b) New England Clam Chowder- ejaculating into the vagina prior to puking and performing oral sex. (c) Manhattan Clam Chowder - Performing the Clam Chowder during menstration.
Hey baby, your pussy makes me....UGHHHHHHHHH...looks like Clam Chowder for dinner! *lick, lick, lick chomp chomp chomp*"
by TeamMP February 12, 2011