When having a threesome and you nut inside the girl, then the second male nuts in her, followed by you nutting in her again.
Aye homie you want to creamcake a bitch?
by KCIWYTSAN September 6, 2019
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(n.) A warm heaping stream of MASTURBATION! :D

2. A mean thing to call someone you don't like.

See masturbation.
Dude, he shot a creamcake my mouth when we were having oral!

2. You fucking creamcake! Go rot in a sack!
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
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Like a creampie, but you also have some little chocolate ( or shit ) in the cum load
She wanted a creampie, but i gave her a creamcake
by Squeaxx March 17, 2021
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an adjective for when something makes you feel good

for example if there is a song which just sounds so smooth and nice and perfect , its creamcakes
That movie is creamcakes

That album is so creamcakes
by barralex July 28, 2011
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The act of ejactulating inside of a woman while she is mentstruating.
Broski, last night I totally boned this chick on her period. We baked a red velvet creamcake.
by sir nutsalot March 26, 2014
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A fried chicken sandwich with cum instead of mayonnaise on it.
Let’s Louisiana CreamCake this dude, he’s a dick.
by TruthManDan January 4, 2018
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