GNB pays Barney 16 craploads of money per year.
by HarryBolz November 4, 2014
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a overly excessive amount of something
I have a crapload of homework to do.
by Mike Cicero December 24, 2007
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craploading is the practice where buffet restaurants fill the buffet with food most people won't want, so it looks like the buffet has tons of food on it when you're standing in line, yet on closer inspection most of it has been sitting out there for hours because nobody wants it. Then when something good is put out, it's gone in 30 seconds.
There's nothing but mushroom, jalapeno and anchovy pizzas on the buffet? I hate craploading
by Gentle Jim June 9, 2010
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Used when "a crapload" just doesn't cut it.
Holy Hell i got a Metric Crapload in the back of my car.
by Schwebb July 1, 2008
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1Just plain not smart
2A lot
1That guy is such a crapload
2I have a crapload of homework
3This is a crapload!!
by Coolestboi January 27, 2019
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