the art of robbing a car and fucking the exhaust pipe afterwards.
The sex offender craped that car last night.
by b.u.t.t.r.a.p.e.a.g.i.r.l February 12, 2016
The correct spelling of the word crap. Even though most people spell this word without the 'E', it is, in fact spelled "Crape" and people who spell it without the 'E' suck.
"I feel like crape"

"Don't you mean crap?"

"No, crape"
by Anonymous September 11, 2004
When you get trapped by someone crying at you. And you don't want it. You really don't want it. Please. Stop.
Yep, I was brutally craped.
by Peter Taylor1234 October 20, 2010
When you get creeped on so hard, it's practically rape.
Halexa: "I got craped on last night at the Vee!"
Honda: "By who?"
Halexa: "Some crapist."
by The Crapees January 3, 2012
Crape (cat-rape, also may be referred to cute-rape). The feeling you get when you look at many cute cat or kid pictures. Because you are trapped in cutness of one's and literally unable to respond to it any other way but die from cutness.
Person who want you to suffer from crape: -did you see this picture?
You, unware of it, moving towards the picture: -awwwwww... this is so cute, omg :3 ahhhhh make it stooop... this is to much of cuteness! Craaaaaaaape @@
by Experienced Awwwlogist January 21, 2012
A rape with shit flying everywhere and grapes coming out your ass.
She screamed as she got craped by the mammoth.purple and brown flew everywhere.
by pspmiles November 4, 2013