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Did you see Murph Dog last night at the club? Boy was making it straight rain!

That was crain, not rain. It'll be ten years before he pays off that tab.

by Dutch Y. September 26, 2008
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A guy who has a big ego, but abnormally small penis. Almost like a banana. Most Crain's go after girls with large booty's or big breasts. They can be very sly with their words, and make someone believe that they are better than any other guy. Normally they are smart and witty, but only let you hear what you want to hear. Be careful, cause crains might just fool you.
"Crain took my virginity, and told me he loved me. Now, he doesn't give me the time of day. What a DOUCHEBAG."
by cutiewithabooty28 October 23, 2012
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The combination of smegma and fecal matter dripping off one's ball sack. Usually after a long night of giving and receiving anal sex while snorting cocaine and taking the lord's name in vain.
I'm going to have to take several showers; I've got the crain going on.
by RobbleRobble January 25, 2016
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