To be completely destroyed. Usually in refrence to sports.
The Patriots cracked the Lions 48-7

The Phillies cracked the Mets by 10 runs
by Dominiking October 07, 2009
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A general term used to describe a program where the security has been removed.
Q: Hey, don't you need a CD-Key for that?
A: No, it's been cracked.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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one of the best comedy websites. they wrote a book or something.
did you see the new cracked article? very funny
by brownsnake01 July 19, 2012
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When something is funny, short for that cracked me up (creds to emz rumz and lyd lit)
Cracked at mr Grayson
via giphy
by Emzrumz January 15, 2018
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