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When you put crack cocaine in a pudding cup and feed it to children.
Tom: Whoa, Billy sure is acting strange today!
Sam: Yeah, I gave him a crack pack for snacktime.
by chippofftheoldblock February 18, 2017
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A gay false imitation of abdominal muscles, usually caused by malnutrition or heavy drug use. Predominantly seen in crack addicts and trailer trash.
'That guy is so reem with his six pack'
'Bitch please, that's a crack pack.'
by PuuPuuPlater December 07, 2013
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A backpack/bag/duffel/etc. which contains emergency clothing and hygenics, in the event one cannot go home before going to work/school/see the GF/parents etc. after unexpectedly being up all night partying/doing drugs/banging the mistress/etc.
Matt: Yo man, you gotta work in an hour and we been here blowing llello all night. Won't yo ho know you been up all night when yo go home to change?

Pat: Na, I got it all here in my crack pack.
by djkevinz February 16, 2008
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A mini backpack used to aesthetically carry your drugs and drug paraphernalia on-the-go without arousing much suspicion.
"Beths bag is really cute but she literally always carries it."

"Hmm you're right. Must be her crackpack."
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by Bennifer August 30, 2019
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