Anything that is Snacktacular!!! (Great/Awesome)
Hey Rizz did you hear the new Kanye CD, It is snacktime!
by Danktual420 December 18, 2005
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To offer oneself up as an object of sexual amusement to a person or group of people, usually resulting in the sexual humiliation of the person being offered up. Historically this implied forced sexual acts with animals (especially chickens and fish). Nowadays violation (including self-violation) with long poles is gaining in popularity.
Despite his questionable personal hygiene, or perhaps because of it, George was a popular young man in certain circles where he was known as "the guy that brings the snacktime."
by markusUD March 27, 2012
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A synonym to "Fuck"

Snacktime is always spelt as one word.

This word is not patented by Bobby.

Also see: 5 O'Clock Shadow
Bobby prefers to snacktime guys only.

You need to stop snacktiming with Luke in the bathrooms during pre-calc class Bobby.
by Andeh meow January 31, 2011
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something you say right before you and some buddies are about to hunt some dragons or kill a large group of zombies
Jake: Oh shit...we're done for.

Sabre Jackson: Snacktime comes early today boys.

Jake: Okay...let's do this.
by echo 9 May 2, 2007
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