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When a guy just can't get enough of his girls ass crack.
guy - "Doreen, let me stick my face in your Crack again"

girl - "your brain just ain't wired right you Crack Addict".
by blraven17 January 14, 2009
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A person who enjoys the sounds of chiropractic bone cracking (ASMR).
P1: Hey bro, what are you watching.

P2: oh, I’m watching an hour long compilation of bone cracking. I’m kinda of a crack addict.
by Boosted Kid August 26, 2018
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When someone craves pussy so bad they will go very far out of their way to find it and either pay for it,(such as a person who frequents massage parlors or escorts) or sleep with the first thing that comes along no matter how awful or ugly the woman is.
"I thought Bill wouldn't go back to that massage parlor but he can't help it, he's a crack addict."
by Phil Acrackin October 29, 2007
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noun: one who cannot keep onesself from displaying his/her butt crack in public.
Person 1: Did you see Julia today?

Person 2: Yeah, but I stay away from crack addicts.
by Young brendan/brandon October 20, 2008
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A male or transgender individual who feels an overwhelming compulsion to sniff and penetrate male a-rings.
Bumlover:let me lick your bum
Random sti infested tranny: OKAY
by MATTHEW January 15, 2005
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