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A person who enjoys the sounds of chiropractic bone cracking (ASMR).
P1: Hey bro, what are you watching.

P2: oh, I’m watching an hour long compilation of bone cracking. I’m kinda of a crack addict.
by jg357 August 26, 2018

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Telling someone they are not doing anything useful with their time.
Person 1: "I thought I told you to do your homework."
Person 2: "I am."
Person 1: "To me it just looks like you're fucking the duck."
by jg357 November 11, 2018

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Taping 3 or more beers together and shotgunning all of them at once.
Brad: Yo bruh, what are you doing with my beers?

Chad: Dude, I’m doing the totem pole challange. It’ll be easy for me.
Brad: That’s awesome dude.
by jg357 December 17, 2018

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