A place where a crack head can circumvent. Lounge ,purchase, and enjoy their drug
I'm gonna head to the crack house for a rock
by Towli37 November 6, 2018
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When a younger more athletic male enjoys rigorous sex with an older woman and enjoys the sound of her pelvis cracking
-Dude, you're granny is a real gilf, she let me granny gang crack her.
by Big Buba Buttplug January 4, 2018
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To spritz lavender fabreze into someone’s exposed butt crack
Gil totally lavender cracked me as I was bent over trying to hook up my PlayStation
by December 16, 2022
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the drug fuelled family fun game which shinou's play in alaysia
cmon kids lets go for a drug fuelled game of crack croquet
by martyn April 21, 2004
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