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The most superior variant of the "who" word variant, superior over Whomst'd've.
Guy 1: Hey man, can you tell me whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es took my shit?
Guy 2: ...What?
by Glennicus May 29, 2018

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Those (particular) Cops Are Bastards, because ACAB is generalizing, and in general, not a great statement.
Person 1: ACAB, cops killed my neighbor.
Person 2: No, TCAB, it's not like the entire fucking police force came to kill your neighbor. Sorry for your loss, but you're ignorant.
by Glennicus April 16, 2020

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When someone says "What the fuck" and you're not sure what they're on about.
Person 1: What the fuck?!
Person 2: What's the fuck?
Person 1: This weird shit that just happened.
by Glennicus November 25, 2018

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A game people play where the goal is to not think about it. The real winners are those who aren't even aware of it.

You just lost it by looking it up on here for some reason. Great job!
You lost the game.
by Glennicus March 29, 2017

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Something people think is theirs, but it really isn't.
This is none of your business.
by Glennicus October 07, 2017

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Yeet is something of a multitool in the word spectrum. It can be used in place of many words, and/or be used as an exclaimation. It can also be used in place of "Yes."

Yeet can be changed into different tenses to indicate future or past uses, such as Yote or Yought. If you really wanted to, you could use yeeted for the past tense, though it is the improper way of saying it.
In context of doing something to a person:
1: Oh no, I have been yote.
2: Yes. In this world, it is yeet or be yeeted.

In context of agreement:
1: Hey bruv, wanna smoke a joint with me?
2: Yeet!

In context of exclaimation:
*2 slaps 1*
2: YEET!!
by Glennicus December 21, 2018

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An antonym of rose-tinted glasses.

To see things through shit-tinted glasses means to look at things in a pessimistic manner, to see something negatively, and/or as worse than it actually was. Shit-tinted glasses is usually brought on by angst, having a particularly shit day, or even sometimes for no reason in particular.
Person 1: Fucking christ, looking back on it, my teachers back in elementary school were assholes.
Person 2 (Person 1's friend and former classmate): Not really. Have you considered the thought that you're looking back into the past through shit-tinted glasses? You were kind of a little shit back then.
by Glennicus August 28, 2020

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