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A very laid-back person, but has a very bad anger if provoked. Extremely attractive, mainly dark haired. They can make you laugh so easily and they have a slightly "mad" flare in their personallity. They make amzing friends and you'd be lucky to have them!
by musiclova13 August 18, 2010
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a last name to a given people because of family and genetics usually VERY smart in math
by factnoopinions November 22, 2017
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short for Martini and easy, easy going but tough, passed on from generations to generations, funny but sarcastic.
Wow! Did you hear about Martinez? He was one tough guy but yet he is SO DANG FUNNY!
by Lonjas Lil June 10, 2008
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Martinez, California is a small town in Northern California. Obviously. Its the heart of "antiques and tweaks." Because downtown Martinez is just filled with old antique stores. So you see how much fun Martinez is? And tweaks because the hobos are so famous you know their names. Example: Ulla. We have one highschool called Alhambra Senior High. If you live here, your parents and their parents and their parents went there. One middle school and 4 elementarys. This town is very into tradition as well. "GO DOGS!". Everyone here takes pride in the good ole' American Football Games. We have a marina too. Martinez also has the nicknames/ abreviations: refinery town, dtm, or mtz. The typical kids you see here are football jocks.cheerleaders. anime weirdos. stoners. ghetto gangster gather kids or better yet wanksters ahaha.
"Hey did you see Ulla the other day?"

"Meet me dtm."

"Martinez the town of antiques and tweaks"
by Taylor Momson October 15, 2009
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any period of sexual intercourse lasting five minutes or less
"so, Bob, what did you do last night?"
"well, Vanessa and I did not have time for full intercourse so we just had a martinez instead."
by aleecea July 05, 2009
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Literaly every last name for every movie drug lord ever, always wears glasses, black hair, middle age man, always angry, lots of face rinkles and tanned.
Aye yo, Boss Martinez wants us to go kill the cops who stole our drugs
by Technically The Truth May 04, 2020
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