Flat like krabby patties

In need of a foot pump
Dude did you see the crabbies on that babe?
by VeryVisionary August 27, 2023
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Term used in Bahamian dialect meaning pussy or vagina.
"Her crabbie loose bey"
"I know your crabbie drippin now"
by tingumdem January 7, 2006
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The art of misbehaving, usually by tying balloons to noticeboards, or by beating the regular quiz winners at their own game.
Crabbis has struck again!.
That's just crabbis talk.
Are you ready for some crabbis?
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Angry or upset at the fact you slept with a hooker named Los Cangrejos.
"Yeah, I'm crabby... and you wanna know why? Because I have crabs. That's right. I thought it would be all fun and games to go to mexico and have sex with a hooker whose named Los Cangrejos. It turns out in Spanish that means the crabs. I paid $700 for The Crabs. So the next time you think to yourself hey I'll have sex with a woman whose name in that language means the crabs. Maybe you'll open up your travels dictionary... but hey, now you know." - Bryan DeChart
by turbunrex August 15, 2018
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A deposition one displays who is of ill mood, or grouchy.
Rick was crabby as he answered the phone, this morning.
by twicefriedpotatoes December 12, 2016
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A Bahamian word, also spelt Crabbie, used as a synonym for vagina.
That's why when Sponge Bob first came out with the delicacy "Crabby Patti", Bahamians were shocked that this was a children's cartoon. Since Mr. Crabs has a slightly Caribbean accent, some Bahamians had thought that this idea was intentional. Soon Bahamians came to an understanding that the term was purely innocent and had nothing to do with its colloquial term.
This word is also used as an insult to men who are feminine, acting womanish or gay.
"Getchyuh dig out, wap out, stink, leaky crabby from roung yah!"
Standard English: "Get your dug out, slack/loose, stink, soggy vagina from around here!"

"Gyal crabby fat too bey."
SE: This/that girl's vagina is fat."

"Bey dah nigga like man king. Heez suh real crabby jed."
SE: That man likes men. He is a real sissy.
by 242Ladi June 1, 2013
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