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A Bahamian word, also spelt Crabbie, used as a synonym for vagina.
That's why when Sponge Bob first came out with the delicacy "Crabby Patti", Bahamians were shocked that this was a children's cartoon. Since Mr. Crabs has a slightly Caribbean accent, some Bahamians had thought that this idea was intentional. Soon Bahamians came to an understanding that the term was purely innocent and had nothing to do with its colloquial term.
This word is also used as an insult to men who are feminine, acting womanish or gay.
"Getchyuh dig out, wap out, stink, leaky crabby from roung yah!"
Standard English: "Get your dug out, slack/loose, stink, soggy vagina from around here!"

"Gyal crabby fat too bey."
SE: This/that girl's vagina is fat."

"Bey dah nigga like man king. Heez suh real crabby jed."
SE: That man likes men. He is a real sissy.
by 242Ladi May 31, 2013

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A Bahamian word, also spelt "wyb", that carries several connotations:
1 n. A thing
2 n. A problem; A situation; A grudge (Can be used interchangeably in certain cases)
3 n. A feud between persons; A grudge

v. Wibin; A on-going feud
4 n. A serious thing
5 n. A plan or plot; Also used interchangeably with "Scene"; Something
6 n. Used to refer to someone in a sexual context; Refers to genitals
7 n. AIDS
8 n. *A code word used as a synonym for something you don't want to say out loud e.g. drugs

P.S: This is an expansion of J. Bethel's definition of the Bahamian colloquial term.
1 "Gimmie dah wibe deh solja."
Standard English: "Give me that thing there."

2 "Woik dis Math wibe?"
SE: "Solve/work this Math problem?"

"Syuh wyb king!"
SE: "That's your problem!"

"Bey les deal wit dis wibe."
SE: "Let's deal with this problem."

3 "S'gyal is ceh on lyk she gat a wibe wit me."
SE: "This girl carries on as if she has a grudge against me."

4 "Suh wibe hey!"
SE: "That's a serious thing!"

5 "I gah one wibe to show you king."
SE:"I have something to show you."

"So wuh da wibe is den?"
SE: "So what's the plan then?"

"Show dem da wibe..."
SE: "Show them the plan..."

6 "Das ya wibe deh aye?"
SE: "Is that your cutta?"

"Bey dy een juice da wibe yet?!"
SE: "You haven't had sex with her as yet?!"

"Bey dogg I beat da wibe dead bad las night solja! Bey wuh?! Beat she dead bad lion! Fock! Yall tawt I was clownin aye? Ooh? Not fockin me! Chu tawt?"
SE: "I devoured that vagina last night in sexual intercourse! What?! I slew it! Fuck! You all thought I was joking? Who? Not fucking me! What did you think?"

"Huh wibe tyt too king!"
SE:"Her vagina is very tight!"

"He wibe small bey! Cheapus I did juice a fockin straw."
SE: "His penis is very small! I should have just had sex with a straw."

7 "Dog I hear she gat da Wibe!"
SE: "I heard that she has AIDS!"

8 "Bey dey sellin da wibe roun Kemp Road?
SE: Are they selling drugs/(*) around Kemp Road?
by 242Ladi May 31, 2013

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A Bahamian slang word used as a synonym for rude; ill-mannered.
"Dah gyal deh too fisety!"
English: "That girl there is very rude!"
"Bey she fisety na."
English: "She is rude."
by 242Ladi May 31, 2013

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