A girl that acts too mature or is considered to rude by society's misogynistic standards. Popular in the Afro-Caribbean.
"She so womanish she eh answer de man when he say morning."
by LucianGemini November 25, 2015
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Used to describe a young girl, who acts older than her age, "too grown" and self-assured for her age, to the dismay of her elders; used usually by Black Southerners. Popularized by Alice Walker, as "womanist", an alternative to "feminist" or "black feminist"
by Dnice October 15, 2003
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extremely and utterly childish and insecure.
Alexander Hamilton: "Hey Thomas Jefferson"
Thomas Jefferson: "I'm having PMS!!!!!"
Alexander Hamilton: "Your so womanish"
by Gertrude Smellyson February 17, 2009
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