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The act of inserting one's thumb into a females vagina while putting all four fingers into her butt hole. AKA one in the pink, four in the stink.
The catholic girl didn't want her cherry popped, so she had a lot of anal sex, which made giving her the crab claw so much easier.
by crambe June 07, 2010
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the male version of the cameltoe. when a man wears tight pants and the penis and one testicle is separated to one side of the seam whilst the other testicle is on the other making the shape of a crabclaw
wow, check out how tight that guys jeans are.

yeah that is one hell of a crabclaw.
by bambiandthebambis May 13, 2008
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Insert your index and middle finger into her pussy, and your thumb into her bunghole, and pinch. Work it.
I walked in as he was applying the ol' crab claw to Rose; he had two in the pink, and one in the stink. Boy, she was lovin' it.
by Greek Ambassador April 14, 2003
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While performing doggystyle sex you insert both of your thumbs into your partners vagina, and place your index fingers on her ass. Then you roll your thumbs upward to spread the lips wide and raise her ass cheeks, making a perfect seal and to achieve maximum penetration. Hence your hands look like a crab's claw.
When I was banging Goldstein's mom from behind, I applied the crab claw for maximum penetration.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
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