Someone who has elevated COVID-19 prevention or mitigation to the point of a religious persuasion, like they have become a zealot and judge and shame others for their “lesser” measures. A COVIDIAN does everything with COVID-19 prevention in mind, especially for others to see.
“Look at those two COVIDIANS! They live in the same house, but they’re social distancing on their daily walk together!” Or, “I wash my hands frequently and wear a mask , but I’ve not gone off the deep end and become a COVIDIAN or something like that!”
by ottawa0214A July 17, 2020
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A person who identifies with COVID-19, or is obsessed with COVID-19 'prevention' measures.

They like to wear masks. They also wrongly think that the oppression of rights/freedoms is justified on the basis of 'public health'.
"Look at this Covidian wearing his mask while driving his car alone."
"This Covidian attempted to argue that health is more important than freedom. Little did the Covidian know, health requires freedom."
by _Correct _ Definitions_ April 18, 2022
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A Covidian is someone who lived through the global Covid-19 pandemic, starting in January 2020.
She was a Covidian.

She survived the Covidian era.

They met in the Covidian crisis.

He hoarded toilet paper in the Covidian era.
by David Cosgrove May 28, 2020
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I was born as a result of the pandemic shut down of March 2020, therefore I am a Covidian
by Monocle77 July 20, 2021
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Covidian - Of, related to, or occurring during the period of the COVID-19 Corona virus.
by AntWords April 4, 2020
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Of, related to, or occurring during the period of the COVID-19 Corona virus.
My firstborn child might be from the covidian era.

My new perspective is based on covidian thinking.
by AntWords April 4, 2020
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Someone who has had the COVID-19 virus, and survived. They have antibodies against the current COVID, and a slight immunity against the future mutations. They act as if the virus doesn't even exist, congregate together, and don't much care about the older , mask wearing folk. Some do care, and work in the medical field, but most just want to live their lives much like it was in pre COVID days. Most have an ID card, or biometrics, that prove they have anotbodies.
Jamal and the other covidians had a house party last night and kept us up until 3am. They were chanting "booomer remover" at one point. The whole thing traumatized my mom, who hasnt had the virus yet.
by eggsarehere April 15, 2020
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