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Someone who has elevated COVID-19 prevention or mitigation to the point of a religious persuasion, like they have become a zealot and judge and shame others for their “lesser” measures. A COVIDIAN does everything with COVID-19 prevention in mind, especially for others to see.
“Look at those two COVIDIANS! They live in the same house, but they’re social distancing on their daily walk together!” Or, “I wash my hands frequently and wear a mask , but I’ve not gone off the deep end and become a COVIDIAN or something like that!”
by ottawa0214A July 16, 2020

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This is the name for homes or neighbourhoods of homes built by Habitat for Humanity organization. Jimmy Carter was the face for this project and participated in building. several homes also.
Over next to my kid’s school is where they built all those Jimmy Carter homes.
by ottawa0214A December 06, 2018

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