A small private school in Charlottesville, Virginia where the tuition is just over 10k. Pretty nice school with a good rep because the kids there are sneaky with their partying and shit. Another reason they have a good rep is that two Laxers who graduated from there are on the Duke mens teams and they weren't at that party...thats probably an accident. Good school though, prett good kids, there just as wealthy as STAB kids its just that Covenent is more religious and Cov. has more kids who think they're better than STABies because they are religious. Psh right.
STAB kid: Stabs better because we pay twice ur tueetion.
Covenent Kid: Psh yeah and you still can't spell tuition.
by Laxer13 June 20, 2006
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The Covenant are a group of aliens that play the roles of antagonist all through Halo: Combat Evolved. However, in Halo two, the smash hit sequal, You'll play the role of the Arbiter, an Elite. However, the only enemies you could kill as the Elite were heritic Covenant and the Flood. The roles of the covenant stand in hierarchy order
Prophets, graceful creatures that consider themselves the greatest of all Covenant. Brutes, As of Halo 2, brutes are the prophet's trusted guards. Elites, the commanders of all other covenant, Elites have four mandibles each lined with a row of teeth. Hunters, the living tanks of the covenant, having a fuel rod cannon on the right arm. Drones, the flying army man, their environment is preferably space, they hate atmospheric flight. Jackals, the bird like creatures hiding behind an energy field, and grunts, as they are: grunts. thier main purpose is to serve the higher classes. unmentioned races are Engineers, and Sharaquoi, these beasts are mentioned in Conversations of the universe, located in the Halo 2 collector's addition.
by Chris000 July 17, 2006
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A group of witches, usually 13.
That house with all the lesbians has about 13 people living there, it must be a coven
by Cliff Whitty June 30, 2006
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Correction. The convenant consist of Grunts, Elites, Brutes, Jackals, Hunters, Drones, Engineers and Prophets. However, in the covenant langauge Grunt= Unggoy, Jackal= Kig-yar Hunter= Lekgolo Elite= Sangheili Brute= Jiralhanae Drone= Yanme`e Phrophet= Prophet Engineer=Engineer
The Master-Cheif destroyed an entire covenant armada.
by Threat November 25, 2004
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The first race of hostiles you will encounter in Halo. Consists of grunts, elites, hunters and jackals.
Killing a group of 2 or more jackals in close combat on legendary and without a plasma weapon is a bitch.
by sux0r October 02, 2003
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the Covenant is a basically a group of Aliens bonded together under 1 religion. Like the previous person mentioned, it consists of the Grunts, the Jackals, The Elites, the Hunters, The Brutes, the Drones, the engineers, and the Prophets. The Covenant have gathered most of their ranks through force, either the race joined them, or the plasma bombarded the hell out of the planet.
Cortana-"covenant dropship in bound"
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005
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