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A term used by the assasin droid KK-47 who origionally belonged to the es-Sith Lord Revan. The word was programmed into the droid's memory core after Revan discovered it annoyed his former pupil, Malak. The term stuck with HK-47 through his numerous memory wipes and refers to all orgainics as Meatbags whenever refering to organics as a whole or to a single organic. (as a side note, HK-50, from KOTOR II: The Sith Lords Refers to Organics as, well. Organics. This makes HK-47 angry.)
HK-47: "Retraction: Did I say that out loud? I apologize, master. While you are a meatbag, I suppose I should not call you as such."

Revan: "You just called me a meatbag again!"

HK-47: "Explanation: It's just that... you have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea."

Revan: Come to think of it, neither do I.
by Chris000 April 29, 2007

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The Covenant are a group of aliens that play the roles of antagonist all through Halo: Combat Evolved. However, in Halo two, the smash hit sequal, You'll play the role of the Arbiter, an Elite. However, the only enemies you could kill as the Elite were heritic Covenant and the Flood. The roles of the covenant stand in hierarchy order
Prophets, graceful creatures that consider themselves the greatest of all Covenant. Brutes, As of Halo 2, brutes are the prophet's trusted guards. Elites, the commanders of all other covenant, Elites have four mandibles each lined with a row of teeth. Hunters, the living tanks of the covenant, having a fuel rod cannon on the right arm. Drones, the flying army man, their environment is preferably space, they hate atmospheric flight. Jackals, the bird like creatures hiding behind an energy field, and grunts, as they are: grunts. thier main purpose is to serve the higher classes. unmentioned races are Engineers, and Sharaquoi, these beasts are mentioned in Conversations of the universe, located in the Halo 2 collector's addition.
The Covenant are the enemies in Halo
by Chris000 July 17, 2006

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A long wooden stick with a point on the end for people to scratch their butts. Similar to the backscratcher. Peter Griffin from Family Guy sold Buttscratchers at sporting events to pay for Chris's tuition in "No Chris Left Behind".
Peter usually holds one up and says to the crowd "Buttscratcher?" Usually someone answers back saying "Buttscratcher!"

Very funny to say in real life. Never gets old. Ever.
Peter: Buttscratcher? Buttscratcher? Get your Buttscratchers here! Buttscratcher?

Man: Buttscratcher!

Peter: Buttscratcher!

Man (hands peter money) Buttscratcher.

Peter: (hands man buttscratcher) mmmButtscratcher.

Man 2: Buttscratcher?

Peter: Buttscrather!
by Chris000 January 14, 2008

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The United Nations Space Command is the government that controls all the worlds in the Halo universe. It operates out of the United Nations. There are a few sections of the UNSC, the UNSC Marine Corps, The UNSC Navy, ONI (The Office of Naval Intelligence), and the little known UNSC Army.

The UNSC has fought several major battles in its history, starting with the Jovian Moons campaign, the Rainforest Wars, all the way to humanity's near extinction with the UNSC/Covenant War in which they emerged victoriously.
The UNSC has defeated the covenant in the war. Everyone's happy.
by Chris000 January 14, 2008

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John, or Master Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class. (Spartan-117) is the main protagonist of the popular video game, Halo. he has many augmentations including, hight damage reduction, sight, and speed.
the master chief is one of the best video game characters of all time
by Chris000 July 17, 2006

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A MAC gun is one of the UNSC's most powerful non-nuclear weapon. A MAC gun fires a ferrious core. The gun fires the 3,000 tonn projectile at 4/10th the speed of light and is the only known weapon to break through a covenant shield in one shot. MAC guns can be put on a UNSC ship or stationed above an important Earth colony
The MAC gun blasted the Covenant capitol ship in one shot
by Chris000 July 17, 2006

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The FTL Drive or Faster Than Life Drive is an as of yet fictional means of travelling the long distances between stars in a short period of time. The FTL Drive also somehow beats the time dilation experienced travelling faster than relativistic speed.

The drive itself takes on many shapes and forms throughout the science fiction genre but all incarnations accomplish the same goal. For example, in the universe of Star Wars, the concept of Hyperspace exists, a way to cross the galaxy in mere days. There's Warp (a way to not cross space but compress and stretch it) mentioned in Star Trek, EVE online, and Babylon 5, and the Concept of Slipspream Space mentioned in Halo, Andromeda and even in Star Trek.

In some cases, ships in transit are not able to communicate or even see each other due to them being outside normal reality, however, when exiting, ships can just appear out of nowhere in either a scattered group or a fine-tuned formation depending how advanced the drive is.
The USS Ulysseus activated her FTL Drive. She speed off into the darkness with only a wink of light to mark her passage.
by Chris000 August 28, 2008

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