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It is when one wipe their ass for any number of reason...
after they go to the bathroom and have completed their normal routine in the bathroom. they go on about their day. only to return to the bathroom later on to wipe because they don't feel clean or they just wanted to.
Sometimes you need a courtesy wipe when you get swamp ass to get rid of the sweaty butt crack.
A courtesy wipe can be needed when one has a nasty fart, this is to check for a possible shart.
One can also wipe their ass any time during the day and this can be consider a courtesy wipe.
a persons inter thoughts: {Oh man, that is not feeling right better give myself a courtesy wipe.}

I am sweating like crazy i need a courtesy wipe.

Friend A: Oh dude you shit your pants at least give yourself a courtesy wipe cause that that fart sound way to gross. it had to of been a shart.
Friend B: it was not that bad, i guess i will it is a courtesy to do so.

I need a good wiping oh yes a courtesy wipe oh much better feeling nice and clean.
by glockman1727AK47 March 04, 2009
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When you take a shit and it's very dry and comes out clean. You know you don't really have to wipe but do it once anyways. Very ideal before athletic events.
Dude i just took a huge shit and only had to courtesy wipe, i'm gonna break the school record today.
by k bro May 25, 2010
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The required wiping of ones own ass due to the overwhelming presence of sweat, usually accompanied by extreme urgency.
“Dude, it’s hotter than hell in here, I gotta go rip off a courtesy wipe
by Zhoenix April 20, 2007
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one who needs to go the restroom and re-wipe their ass, because they did not get it all the first time around.
Greg is walking with his friends and spots a public washroom. He says to them wait here, I need to go for a courtesy wipe.
by king tim December 30, 2006
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you nut on a girl and you use her hair to wipe your cock.
Jane is such a newb; after giving me the most phenomenal blowjob ever she didn't even have the common gall to offer me a courtesy wipe.
by Chris Norton January 20, 2007
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I like to call it a courtesy wipe when a guy wipes the rim of the toilet where they dribble and before it runs down the front of the toilet bowl. Of course, the only males I know that do this are gay. Bless them.
Your aim sucks, do a freaking courtesy wipe.
by Queen Mama 2 May 19, 2016
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When you have a fart that is so nasty that you have to go to the bathroom and wipe your ass because it feels like more than just air came out.
(Person1 shits his pants)
Person2: Ew that was fucking nasty dude.

Person1: Sorry, I think I need to take a courtesy wipe. I’ll be back.
(Person1 sprints to the bathroom)
by YaBoiCharles January 17, 2019
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