A word used to describe some-one being countered at a game or in a fight (verbally, physically).

1) 'Shit blud, you just got countered!'

2) Boy 1: 'Haha, your mum was good last night.'

Boy 2: 'Not what she said about your penis!'

Boy 3: 'Countered!'

3) 'I'm so 1337 I countered this fag with claymore on cod4!'
by harmes May 26, 2009
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Verb : ( To Counter) in present progressive. To place ones partner on a counter and have hot steamy sex with said person
"Dude, I countered her last night"
Jimmy picked up sandy and brought her in the kitchen for a good countering.
by lollol777734 January 31, 2009
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Person A: Damn, there's only one cigarette left in the pack.
Person B: Let's counter that.

Person A: I cant finish a whole cigarette.
Person B: Alright we'll counter it.
by PAPASP August 16, 2013
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Counterous is a word that can be use once you'd see a person countering something that is right or correct.
its the combination between COUNTER and CANCEROUS so its called COUNTEROUS.
countering is like your disagreeing to a persons says,etc, while cancerous means your a useless person

(the person is disagreeing to the right thing)
GUY: when you and your family eat you need to atleast talk so you can help each other
GAY: Nope when your eating with your family you dont need to speak or to talk because its bad even your mouth is not full
GUY: How come ? its not bad because its a communication to a family
GAY: NO its still wrong because its bad for us to speak when were eating with our family
KID: Your so dumb thats why anybody doesn't like you
GAY: Your wrong i have friends and lot of supporters who supports or love me
KID/GUY:Whatever!! Your Counterous
by John Alexis Pascual October 02, 2019
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a counter is when you counter someones diss.
person 1: you're stupid!
person 2: you're retarded! COUNTERED!!!


by JDMKID94 September 26, 2017
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a person who counts everything in their relationship
My girlfriend just told me its our 2 weeks aniversery
Damn she's definitely a counter.
by Broman3 January 18, 2010
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Used to confuse someone in the process of making a counter-clockwise maneuver, causing them to reverse direction against all logic and reasoning. The grinding of mental gears ensues as the individual instinctively reverses direction, thus moving clockwise, even though the suggested "correction" indicated a change to counter-clockwise. Tons of fun at parties.
*someone passes the joint counter-clockwise, away from you*
"No dude, COUNTER-clockwise!"
*the individual reverses direction and passes you the joint*
by zanhoshi October 09, 2009
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