A word used to describe some-one being countered at a game or in a fight (verbally, physically).

1) 'Shit blud, you just got countered!'

2) Boy 1: 'Haha, your mum was good last night.'

Boy 2: 'Not what she said about your penis!'

Boy 3: 'Countered!'

3) 'I'm so 1337 I countered this fag with claymore on cod4!'
by harmes May 26, 2009
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Verb : ( To Counter) in present progressive. To place ones partner on a counter and have hot steamy sex with said person
"Dude, I countered her last night"
Jimmy picked up sandy and brought her in the kitchen for a good countering.
by lollol777734 January 31, 2009
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Person A: Damn, there's only one cigarette left in the pack.
Person B: Let's counter that.

Person A: I cant finish a whole cigarette.
Person B: Alright we'll counter it.
by PAPASP August 16, 2013
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Counterous is a word that can be use once you'd see a person countering something that is right or correct.
its the combination between COUNTER and CANCEROUS so its called COUNTEROUS.
countering is like your disagreeing to a persons says,etc, while cancerous means your a useless person

(the person is disagreeing to the right thing)
GUY: when you and your family eat you need to atleast talk so you can help each other
GAY: Nope when your eating with your family you dont need to speak or to talk because its bad even your mouth is not full
GUY: How come ? its not bad because its a communication to a family
GAY: NO its still wrong because its bad for us to speak when were eating with our family
KID: Your so dumb thats why anybody doesn't like you
GAY: Your wrong i have friends and lot of supporters who supports or love me
KID/GUY:Whatever!! Your Counterous
by John Alexis Pascual October 2, 2019
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a counter is when you counter someones diss.
person 1: you're stupid!
person 2: you're retarded! COUNTERED!!!


by JDMKID94 September 27, 2017
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a person who counts everything in their relationship
My girlfriend just told me its our 2 weeks aniversery
Damn she's definitely a counter.
by Broman3 January 19, 2010
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It's just like a counter dibs, but it works on counter dibs, whereas counter dibs only works on dibs.
Joey: Dibs on that last slice of pizza!
Richard: Hell no, counter dibs!
Joey: Counter counter dibs! Now it's mine again!
Richard: :(
by Ross Frye May 12, 2015
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