To give professional advise or guidance for resolving emotional conflicts, personal conflicts, interpersonal conflicts, marital conflicts, marital discords, emotional problems, emotional conflicts, psychospiritual issues, while can affirm the client's own spiritual journey, can dissuade and guide regarding dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
Counseling coun-sel-ing kon-soul-ing Q's Ministry of AIWP advice opinion instruction directing beliefs thoughts emotion feelings behavior consultation deliberation advocate secret purpose teach wisdom prudence urge recommend preach prompt beacon chaperon improve preach give - faith counsel educate govern influence instruct manage navigate oversee regulate shepherd show spearhead steer superintend supervise train usher coach discipline disclose enlighten give lessons ground guide keep posted lead lecture level notify reveal school tell train tutor update listen supervise affect allure assure blandish bring around bring to senses enlist entice exhort confidence move prevail upon prompt reason talk into urge suggest present for action advance advise affirm ask assert invite kibitz motion pitch offer pose prefer press propone proposition propound state submit volunteer approve acclaim advance advocate applaud be all for celebrate commend compliment confirm endorse enjoin esteem eulogize exalt exhort extol favor front for glorify go on record for hold up justify laud magnify praise prescribe prize propose encourage adjure attract commend compel conjure exhort favor further inspire promote propose rationalize recommend forewarn order predict prepare prompt recommend remind remonstrate signal suggest conferring holding a conference consulting deliberating discussing meeting conditioning reinforcement retraining reward system therapy
by Q's Ministry of AIWP February 3, 2010
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opinions or ideas given for a plan of action.
the head of the law firm is serving as the lead "counsel" for this trial.
by stefii June 9, 2007
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The nonprofit organization that provides the vast majority of psychotherapy for the psychopaths in the Hazleton PA area. The majority of it's patients never get better.
nutty fuck 1: I need some pussy. And I need it fast.

nutty fuck 2: Don't you buttfuck your girlfriend, so she doesn't get pregnant? That's why you need pussy so bad. Asshole is no substitute.

nutty fuck 1: The doctor up a Northeast Counseling told me to either cut my balls off or fudge pack her ass. The last option seems less painful.

nutty fuck 2: To you, that is.
by Hazletard-in-Chief August 14, 2011
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Mr. Counsel's evil twin. Hates HASS, and lOvEsSsSs Sheep. If you see him, run, he's way too positive
Damn, that guys loves sheep. He must be Farmer Counsel
by im a sheep June 24, 2019
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When everyone sits in a row (or circle). Each person has something to smoke weed from and they simultaneously smoke and pass. Everyone is always smoking something.. in the jedi fashion!
"Last night was awesome, John and I smoked three bowls and then watched That 70s Show forever"
"Pshht... we did jedi counsel for an hour"
by Emilee K. January 23, 2009
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An informal method of workplace relations training. When a junior employee steps out of line or is generally making a fool of himself in the workplace, a more senior employee in a mentoring-type role may engage the young man in an intensive, one-on-one session of Contact Counselling to set him on the right path.

Usually these sessions take place at or after closing time, in secluded surrounds such as the parking lot or behind the locker room. A session is usually quite short, and there is rarely need for a second round of counselling once lessons have been learned from the first.
Frankie: "Yo Johnno, do you know what's up with Bobbie? He called in sick this morning."

Johnno: "He was getting a bit lippy yesterday so I gave him some Contact Counselling in the car park after work. I guess he's still home recovering."

Frankie: "Heh, that should teach the kid some sense."
by Drunky McStumble May 25, 2010
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When a girl gets her ass pounded and her fanny fingerblasted
Tanya was walking funny because she got Benjamin Counsell'd the night before
by Fannerbang June 27, 2016
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