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A dashing, young French man. He knows how to charm but is also sweet and sincere at heart. He laughs a great deal and is poetic in everything he does.
He makes me swoon. He's such a Cote. <3
by Lunarella October 22, 2011
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(verb): To place your erect peniz on the face of a person, and take a picture of the erect peniz on said face.
"Bro, this girl let me cote her last night on the subway, check out the picture."
by Bill Nye the Swag Master December 13, 2013
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A crack-induced hallucination that begins a chain of reactions that ends with that person being totally screwed
I had a cote last night of Brad Pitt when I woke up in a bar called "The Tool Box"
by Dope Carbine July 26, 2006
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The fundamental unit of measure in the Cotex system. Typically used for wingspans and wide set vaginas. One cote is equal to approximately 8 feet.
Wow look at that guys wingspan! Its about a cote!
by Erectbutthole January 19, 2018
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