A 5th Dimension eldritch god who has choose you to be their entertainment. Or new host. You will never know until its too late
James: Why doe your cat have a shadow with 5 tails.

Cole: Don't ask questions. He doesn't like questions
by AbsolutelyNotACat February 14, 2022
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the act of strangling and killing some good pussy (not literally)
Hey girl, let me strangle your cat
by apricotes February 20, 2018
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Bradley likes to smash on every girl's cat.

Can I smash on your cat, just once?
by Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyy November 6, 2005
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When you make very obvious sexual advances toward a person.

When you literally shove your pussy at someone.
My roommate: "Oh man, that guy over there is so hot, I want his body."

Me: "You should totally go throw your cat at him."
by mindfullness October 5, 2011
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1. Hurling your vagina at every man and/or woman around.

2. Another term for the activities of a slut.
"You just love to throw your cat around the town, don't you?"

"She keeps chucking her cat around, like a slut."
by Mimi08 December 30, 2014
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It’s worst than granny tranny but it kills on impact.It will destroy the world if you say this so use it wisely since you can only use it once
Joe: your mom gay
Matt:No you
Joe: your granny tranny
Matt:your cat fat attack
Joe: *dies* this is the worst spell of the century!!

your cat fat attack means that you kill them on impact and they explode.
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