The tall, curly headed, sexy geek every girl needs in their life.
Girl 1 "OMG, is that Cortland?!"
Girl 2 "Oh my, yes it is, he is so cute!"
by PretzelTwist81 June 22, 2011
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Usually cute, funny, and very outgoing. Cortland loves cars and Star Trek, he loves his mom and dad. Usually his dad is very successful and will give him the company once he retires. Most Cortland’s are fat bitches. LOVES ASS, like big juicy booties.
Omg I found me a Cortland!
by JenniferTran January 7, 2019
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A small college full of jocks and future gym teachers. If your looking to party, drink, or get raped take a trip to Cortland. For real though, Cortland weekends are of the hook and the parties rival any big school like Syracuse and UCONN.

The girls are hot, reckless, and get fucking hammered on the reg

Hit up 8 monroe, 100 tompkins, or 96 Groton on a friday or saturday night and your guaranteed to not remember the last 5 hours of your night, which probably involved stumbling down to main street and walking into bars like Dark Horse or Stone Lounge.

Oh yeah and class is completely optional

Kid 1: yo you lookin to party this weekend?
Kid 2: hell yeah


*kid wakes up on a random lawn
"Yo, where the fuck am i?"
"SUNY Cortland bro!"
by jakeHawaii March 6, 2011
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the best guy ever to exist who did not deserve to die.
My name is Sam Cortland... and I will not be afraid.
by sofiahramirez December 2, 2020
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a weiner of a tall blonde hollister wannabee small weiner guy!!!
beanstalk beach boy with drunken weiner sticking out a "cortland weiner"
by @er905 April 24, 2010
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A Jock school that excels in all its athletics and 90% of the students are phys ed majors. It's located in the middle of nowhere, which has in turn transformed it into a huge party school. A good time with good people. Also known for kicking Ithaca College's ass in the annual Cortaca Jug! IC shit
1. "Who's in the D3 National Championship?"
"Cortland State"
"For what sport?"
"All of them!"

2. Ithaca Ithaca YOU SUCK! (37-30)CORTLAND STATE

3. "what are you doing tonight?"
"running through some parties then heading dt (Main st)"
"but it's only monday"
"It's Cortland State!"

4."What's you major?"
"Phys Ed, this is Cortland State"
by c-stater May 28, 2006
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A place full of moronic people in the middle of nowhere upstate New York. There are a select few decent people, but most people have moved elsewhere.
I grew up in Cortland, NY, but I want to get out of here as fast as possible, man.
by AdrianneNicolle May 10, 2011
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