An unstoppable vortex who thinks they are a tough cunt. Drinks Great Northerns and munches burgers every Monday morning. Plays a non-contact bitch sport. Can be found smashing slabs and tuning fatties with his best mate Grinchtittiez and has made several appearances on Mordi rewind. Has a funny lookin lazy eye when drinking beers
Wow, he just got fucked up by the cortex

Did you see the cortex? He just downed a slab
by Mr. Fuck your sister May 1, 2019
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To outwit,charm,or deceive by use of one's intellect.
My opponent is so dim and foolish I know i can cortex him and get what i want.
by Almighty Money Folk February 21, 2014
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A place where darkness surrounds one area and it is light outside.
Oh boy the cortex is around us lately.
by 0eA December 22, 2014
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The act of drilling a hole into the back of one's skull, and proceeding to repeatedly insert the penis through said hole into the brain cavity, undoubtedly killing the victim.
"Yeah I would smash, but I would rather cortex her, I bet she has nice brain texture."
by DFinn October 21, 2008
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the "fellas" , wang, john, bits and peices, cock, whale bone, double 0 and 7
by Amber March 1, 2004
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Cortex Command is an awesome in-development game that is a cross between a third-person 2d shooter and an RTS.
So far, the game has two main modes of play: Trying to destroy the other person's brain or surviving as many swarms or enemies as possible while protecting your brain.
The game has a thriving modding community at and can also be downloaded for free at that site.
Go play Cortex Command, then you'll have your example.
by iwillcontrolyou March 26, 2007
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The part of the brain that controls the vagina.
1. It takes twenty years of hardcore training for woman to fully unlock the vaginal cortex.

2. See, men used to have a vaginal cortex, due to being female for the first twelve weeks inside the womb. But the body gets rid of if while their penis fully develops.
by FunnyJoJo November 5, 2017
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