Ur a bench

<Also means slang for Gel pens?>
Me: of corse
Friend: Don't say that to me it's erffernserve >;o
by ShanNyan August 25, 2014
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c o r s e d


Something that is both cool and cursed, generally taking place in the Transmasc-chat located in The Hatchery.
Person one : TMC is so corsed
Person two: i know right
by Gayworm February 18, 2020
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The name of the biggest street, in a small village in North East Scotland.

Generally a crap street, but my street none-the-less!
man 1: "Hey! Where do you live?"
man 2: "On South Crescent, how about you?"
man 1: "The Corse, ftw!"
by slangitup May 25, 2009
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A sea horse with a large unicorn horn implanted on the top of their skull. This is a rare species but you kind find them quite easily due to their Large green aura that follows them everywhere they swim.
We should solve this big bang theory using the majestic Uni-Corse's horn.
by Spillsasher March 18, 2009
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Someone who is so attractive/hot that they could be a full corse meal to the eyes. Like someone who is a snack but 10× better.
"Yeah her friend is a snack, but she a full corse meal!"
by Iridescent King August 25, 2019
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The holy way respond to literary any thing with minimum effort. This can also be used in text as ‘YEC’.

When saying ‘yeah corse’ to someone in person, people typically also start saying ‘yeah course’ in respect from of how honoured they feel.
Dave- “how was your day?”
Me- “yeah corse
by RiverYehCorse September 17, 2021
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A way of responding to any dumbass comment without any struggle or stress, or it can be used as an agreement to something.
invented by River himself.
Alex- “how was your day?”
Me- “yeh corse
by RiverYehCorse September 17, 2021
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