An acronym that stands for Technical Minecraft Community, those in this community specialize in the small yet complex details of Minecraft that can be used for a useful or amusing result. Such as making blocks fall instantly or launching an ender pearl thousands of blocks for quick transportation.
I want to be in the TMC and break the game.
by LennyHoops July 21, 2021
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Abbreviation for "The Mandela Catalogue", an analog horror series created by Alex Kister.
I'm really into TMC right now.

Have you seen the latest volume of TMC?
by besttoffee August 20, 2022
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To Whom So Ever It May Concern;

TMC or more popularly known as To Whom So Ever It May Concern, is an acronym founded by two engineering students in their ubiquitous class talks. Later it was found that this TMC can literally be used in almost any situations, problems etc., with the by product of humour/laughter/fun, solving our day to day problems with TMC is considered a stress buster and helps in maintaining proper body metabolism.
TMC as NOUN-->> TMC cures all problems of a student.
TMC as PRONOUN-->> TMC makes as laugh.
TMC as VERB-->> Vikky is not capable of TMCing.
TMC as ADJECTIVE-->> Vikky tries to crack TMC jokes.
TMC as ADVERB-->> Vikky TMCily waited for his unknown girlfriend who never came.
TMC as PREPOSITION-->> TMC is the TMC of a TMC.

Rajnikant's son in law >> why this kolaveri di. ..?
my take >> T . M . C !! :D
by techspidey April 27, 2012
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Barbara: I sent you a text last week about that, don't you remember.
Kid Cudi: You sent that last week?!? I just got it, my phone must have TMC.
by Horny Johnny April 27, 2011
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Also known as 'Tasty McDonalds Chick'-a term known for a extremely attractive overnight drive-thru employee who grabs the attention of slightly drunken college boys out for some midnight snackage.
"Thank you for stopping at McDonalds, how may I help you?"

"Whoa baby, you have a sexy voice. You must be the TMC of this fine establishment. May I acquire your telephone digits, por favor?" *winky face*
by MackenzieThisIsSooooYou February 16, 2012
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