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The Corrs are an irish band originating from Dundalk, Ireland. Consisting of:
Andrea Corr(05-17-74): Lead vocals, tin whistle, piano
Caroline Corr(03-17-73: Drums, Bodhran, Piano, Backing Vocals
Sharon Corr(03-24-70): Violin, Piano, Backing Vocals
Jim Corr(07-31-64): Guitar, piano, Backing Vocals.

The Corrs got their start when auditioning for "The Commitments". Although, they only got Minor parts, (Andrea became Jimmy Rabbitte's little sister Sharon, Jim is part of the Avant Garde-A-Clue Band, Sharon is in the Country and Western band Bernie joins in the end, playing fiddle, and Caroline can be seen in the audience before "I Never Loved a Man") they also left with a manager, John Hughes. Their next break happened by luck, while performing a gig at a local pub, Jean Kennedy Smith was in the back and enjoyed their sounds so much she invited them to come sing in America. While there they dropped in unexpectedly on David Foster, and played for him. This got them their record deal.
Their first album, Forgiven not Forgotten was a huge sucess, with hits like Runaway and The Right Time. Followed by Talk on Corners, In Blue, a Best of Album, Borrowed Heaven, and their much anticipated Home, filled with traditional irish tunes, most pulled from the music book of their late mother, Jean (who died in 1999 of a very rare lung diesease). The album is expected out in late September for most countries. Other CDs include Live in Dublin, with appearances by Ronnie Wood, and Bono, and Unplugged.
Their official website is found at
by Erin- Corrs Fan September 2, 2005
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Irish family band consisting of three sisters and a brother. Most known for hits like "Runaway", "Dreams" and "Breathless"; The Corrs have proven themselves to be one of the best and most successful bands in the mainstream to come out of Ireland since U2 in the early 1980's.
"Would you like to listen to some Corrs?"
by Seán Curran September 2, 2005
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A great irish band!!!!!!
the corrs r the best!!!!!!
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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A hot asian guy. Also meaning sexy.
Wow, thatnew asian guy is corr!
by Connie December 25, 2004
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This term, coined by Australian social commentators Louise Riley And Aaron Julius literally means to be the one LEFT OUT.
Derived from the Irish Pop group The Corr's, where one of the sisters always appeared to never have much to do in the band and had to simply look busy.
"I was at the party and everyone was talking about their mortgages - me renting, I felt like the runt corr"
by SalinaStains February 26, 2010
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the youngest member of the band "the corrs" she has also released a single album called "ten feet high".She has been named " the most beautiful woman".
andrea corr is the youngest member of the band "the corrs"
by Filepe Donna October 13, 2007
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