(v.) A swift kick to the middle of the buttocks region issued with one knee. This manuever is usually accompanied with two hands placed on the hips. In essence, it is "kneeing" somebody in the ars.
"Don't eat my pop-tarts or I'm gonna corndog you"
by Ted Wilde August 19, 2004
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An Alabama-hating LSU fan who has the distinct smell of a batter-covered hot dog on a stick, which also smells like Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. He has only two types of jackets, one that's purple and gold and the other that's camoflauge. He's so obsessed with Nick Saban that he can't appreciate the successes of any other LSU coach. He is also known to butcher the pronounciation of words, like saying Arkansas as ARE-kansas.
Stooping to levels below that of a boogereater the corndog spit bourbon in the face of the wife of an Alabama coach.
by Twelve-And-Counting February 15, 2008
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Something to bring up on a Match.com profile.
"I like corndogging"
by iceeeeeeee March 22, 2010
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(verb) The act of shoving ones thumb finger rectally into another human being. usually while shouting the word "Corndog!"
-holy shit taylor just slammed his thumb up ryan's ass!
-yeah i saw, he just gave him The Corndog!
by analbumcover12 December 7, 2008
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When you analy penetrate a girl and she proceeds to get off the penis and engage in oral stimulation of said penis
Wow, im balls deep in Amanda's pooper, then she starts giving me a corndog, it was sweet.
by Ape Shi'ite Muslim May 20, 2007
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(v) The act of having simulated sex with a woman who is hesitant to engage in intercourse. The woman holds her hand in front of her vagina and the man has sex with her hand. Can also be used to simulate anal sex if a tighter grip is used. Reportedly can be very satisfying.
Not Roger: I enjoy corndogging.
David: That's really weird man.
Self Michael: Gross!
by RooMeD September 4, 2011
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When a girl is sucking male genitals and she nibbles on the “popsicle
D*mn she corndogged my sh*t
by ImAFein January 17, 2018
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