"Ow! Why did you corndog me in the ass? That hurt like a mofo!!!"
by SeAbTo March 3, 2015
Corndog. (Noun) Used to describe someone, usually a lame wannabe tuff guy/gangster. They talk the talk, dress the part,always seeking attention in large groups. Telling stories of how they whooped so & so. Been doing drive by's since they were 9yrs old. Got a whole buncha tattoos, face tattoos especially. Teardrops, other words or phrases representing their "gang" or "hood". It could also be a gym going guy, buffed out, but can't scrap a lick. They're referred to as a Corndog because, you can change your appearance, but underneath the batter, no matter how thick it is, the Corndog is still just a Weenie in disguise.
Buff don't make you tuff, neither do your face tattoos. I know you're just a Corndog bud, a straight up Weenie In Disguise.
by Brainsick June 19, 2017
Frozen hotdog covered in corn meal batter, in this reference it is used as a cooling device.
damn son, it's hot as fuck outside and my air conditioner broke so i had to stick a corndog up my ass.

also: why you walking so funny bro, "cause it's hot as fuck!!".
what's up, your balls or something?? naw son!! i got

a frozen corndog up my ass!!!
by GodSkorn July 5, 2015
Someone who acts like a plain old goofball or weird. They act silly or cheesy. Sometimes also called a "cheesy" corndog.
He's such a cheesy corndog! I caught him the other day washing his car with a mop.
by Junglejim1 January 16, 2009
A corndog is a visual representation of what you see when a larger woman is having sex with her skinny male partner.

Sometimes these relationships are referred to as "Jack Sprat" from the popular childeren's nursery rhyme.

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean
OOOOOOOOOh boy, I walked in on Norma Lynn and little Mike, they was gettin' busy...looked like a corndog up in there.

Double Chin Donna pulled a corndog on Billy, i get you couldn't see nothing but his skinny legs and feet.
by Mile High Smitty January 17, 2013
Corndog (n.): a stupid person, more stupid than a clown or douchebag; a walking coated meat popsicle; a mindless consumer.
Me: I'm amused by the way parents tell kids about how there's people "in charge of" things like "honking horn"... there's one person in charge of blah and there's one person in charge of pleh and there's one person in charge of meh
Friend: Kids want to learn, are curious. Parents are stupid
Me: yeah, because the guy that is in charge of the coffee can't be the same one in charge of the horn. if we talk to them like people instead of like corndogs, maybe they'd be smarter
Friend: Haha

Me: and maybe if instead of telling them everything we let them just watch, they wouldn't think we're ask as dumb as corndogs
Friend: Corndogs :D

Me: fookin corndogs, dumbest meat on the planet.
by livnah January 29, 2011