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It's caking but it is not as sweet
Jon: She just sent me a heart emoji!
Gerald: Aww shit you guys are caking!!!
Jon: No we're not, we're cornbreading. An emoji doesn't mean shit
by gatedear December 06, 2014
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the art of poking a hole in a loaf of cornbread, slap butter on your wang, and then you stick your wang in the corndread, and have sexual relations with it. And after, you eat the loaf of cornbread.

The people who do this are usually called "Butter dicks"
"hey dude did you hear that Charlie Leland was cornbreading in his basement?"

"Yeah dudde, what a butter dick"
by milton nh July 01, 2009
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talking to your best friend, family members, friends on the phone for an extended amount of time.
Aye who you talking to?
My mom.
Stop cornbreading and come bowl your frame.
by James Le October 23, 2007
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