A ground grown grain, that is full of starch... NOT a VEGETABLE! And, NOT a starch.

In history corused to be part of a weed called "Teosinte". It was very small, and barely eatable. This was usually grown in cetural america.

This later evolved in the what they called "Maize", what we now call early maize. It would be large enough to eat, and was used in replacement of the vegetable.

Now we know corn as the modern maize. The normal crop rage from 6-12 inches long, and 2-5 inches wide. The corn is on waht we call a cob, and the corn grows around it taking the nutrience from the cob. I has become a normal dish in our would today.
Person 1: What vegetable do you want for dinner?

Person 2: Let us have a grain instead, we can have corn! I need to have some starch anyways.

Person 1: Would you like to eat the corn off of the cob, or cut if off first?

Person 2: All the same to me.
by Bear///Claw September 20, 2009
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originated in Jersey.

1. It is equivalent to a sardonic cool.

2. Cool, no one gives a shit.
Damian: Yo, I just scored forty points in a rec game with the nigs. Then had a volleyball game and had forty kills.

Other: Corn

Damian: ...
by MikeK3 August 23, 2010
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1 - Yellow food on cob.
2 - Digestion timing device. Simply see how much time passes from corn digestion to seeing it in the toilet.
3 - Elvis's last word.
1 - I will have the 32 oz. Porterhouse, rare, with mashed potatoes and corn.
2 - A healthy person's digestive system will pass corn in 12 to 24 hours.
"Look daddy! There's a smiley face on that poopie!"
"Yes, son. It's made of corn."
3 - "WTF?! CORN?!?" *GASP* *DEATH*
by Kuzin Rob July 16, 2003
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north eastern slang word for good marajuana usualy used in the getto or on the phone for a paraoid dealer of drugs
(phone) yo man i need that hook up on corn this week
by Zachary Finch May 27, 2007
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