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The act of sexin' up a a cornhole. This could be by ramming your hot sweaty meat into the cornhole. It could also include shoving your throbbing tongue into a cornhole (see rimjob).
Prisoner #1: The guards aren't paying any attention around the yard today.
Prisoner #2: Let's sneak around the corner and I'll give you a Corn Job.

Hooker: For $20 I'll give you a sloppy blow job.
Patron: $20 is too much for a blow job, but I'd be willing to pay that price for a Corn Job.
by Pelihu October 17, 2008
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The act of sticking ones erect penis inside of a large pop corn bucket while watching a movie at the cinema with ones sexual interest. As the popcorn is consumed the erect penis becomes exposed, resulting in a hand job utilizing the butter from the popcorn as lube.
Yeah, she even gave me a corn job half way through!
by xxxdirtyquickscopes June 10, 2011
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The act of performing fellatio on a dump as it is leaving the rectum. Best performed on a man when he is laying on his back and passing the turd with his legs pulled over his head.
You know, I think Sarah really digs me. For instance, after we went out for Mexican the other night, she totally gave me a corn job. Made her come, no less.
by Herr Stehpinkler March 10, 2005
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A sexual act in which one partner, person A, eats corn, and then receives anal sex from person B. Afterward, the couple performs ass-to-mouth, person A’s ass to person B’s mouth, whereby the corn is transferred to person B. The two then repeat the cycle endlessly, swapping roles each time.
Be careful when you start a corn job, you may end up with a kernel panic.
by drups July 15, 2015
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