Pouring juice into ones anal cavity, then corking it with a butt plug, allowing the juice to firment into wine.
"Wow I'm thirsty but we drank all the wine"
"I got you man. I've been corking all week."
by Rab1s September 13, 2016
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When a female is prevented from scoring. Equivalent to a cock block for males.
Erin: You were totally corking me last night.
Stacy: Sorry for mentioning your crabs.
by KingOfTheMountains December 21, 2009
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When you have to shit so bad but its not the right time so you have to clench your butt tight like its a cork in a wine bottle.
man i have to shit so bad i'm corking right now.
by BellyRing March 30, 2016
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To interrupt your partner’s fart by sticking your dick in their ass.
Tina and I had Taco Bell yesterday and I was corking her all night!
by Uncle Wacky March 22, 2020
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Corking is when a man is engaging sexual intercourse with a woman, and realizes he has a gigantic load to give. It is at this point in time when the man grabs a giant cork, ejaculates into the woman's vagina, and plugs her up with the cork. After she has been plugged, the man jumps on her stomach.
Hey Jamal, what did you do last night?

"I corked her real good. She didn't even see it coming."

Nice. Corking is pretty cool.
by ashtonktchrlvr546 May 26, 2010
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Inserting your pointer finger into someone's rectum, then rapidly removing it in a "come hither" motion. This movement creates a popping sound, similar to removing a cork from a wine bottle.
John and Sarah are in the bedroom corking again. We're going to have to wash the sheets.
by BigDaddyC6969 November 25, 2020
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The act of preventing a partner from shitting during sex.
Gerardo: "Man I am so full, I can't remember the last time I had this much Chuck E Cheese!"

Male Suitor: "Gerardo! I think we should prepare to start your Corking!"
by South Of Heaven March 10, 2017
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